نمونه آزمون گفتاری با پاسخ - شماره ی 1

نمونه ی شماره ی آزمون کامل speaking به همراه پاسخ پیشنهادی به سوالات .
نمونه آزمون گفتاری با پاسخ - شماره ی 1

IELTS Speaking test in Iran 2017

Part 1 - Interview


– What is your full name?

My name is Mary I'm 28 years old.


– Can I see your ID?

Sure here you are.


– Where are you from?

I'm from Iran, one of the largest countries in the Middle East.


– Do you work or study؟

Now I'm working in a small factory producing polymeric parts for a wide range of vehicles.


– Is it acceptable for visitors or advisors to make a speech for school children?

As far as I know making the formal speech by advisors could not be interesting enough for children regardless of their subjects. In fact, children prefer to acquire informative knowledge by their friendly conversable teachers than strange advisors.


– Is it better to have a teacher make a speech or someone else, like parents?

Well, in my opinion it really depends on the topic of speech. I mean in the field of social behavior or making a friend it would be great that speech is presented by teachers but to talk about how to choose your suitable job or how to find your ideal partner, other specialists are more qualified to lecture on much more complicated matters.


– What do you think about robots?

Actually, they are playing a major role in different aspects of the modern world and also are very significant to increase productivity or save valuable time. Moreover, they are mainly known as labor-saving devices in the industrial field 


– Is it good to have a robot at home?

Well… as you know some of the chores at home are really boring and time-consuming so it is a good idea that robot take over these difficult responsibilities.


– What do you think about travel by car which is controlled by a robot?

Personally, I'm really tempted by new technology and modern equipment making our lives more pleasant and comfortable but it is not acceptable to travel by car which is totally guided by remote control. It seems frightening and strange.



Part 2

Cue card


Talk about an interesting conversation you had, or a speech you heard. Please say:

– Who the speaker was

– When you heard him/her or talked with him/her

– What the speech/conversation was about

– Why it was interesting to you


Hum, When I was a student, I wasn’t very interested in any speech or talks. However, since I started my job as a teacher, I have enjoyed these talks a lot. Last year, I heard a talk from a lecturer who came from Sharif University. He was a competent speechmaker and talking attractively, so the way he gave the speech really impressed me. Sitting in a big hall and listening to a talk actually wasn’t a boring thing.

The lecture presented different methodology in teaching English for high school students. Then, the talk visualized a variety of games to motivate students’ interests, such as snakes or puzzles.

I have to admit that they are very creative and funny. Moreover, I did learn a lot from this talk, especially the games since I had never thought that games were really effective in class but they proved me wrong. The students like them a lot. I think I will listen to these discourse more when I have time.



Part 3



What abilities make a person a good public speaker?


Generally, speech is a conversation between you and your audience so you should not memorize your speech . Practice your text as often as possible to make your speaking more natural and confident. In addition, if you are interested in what you are saying you would be able to connect to your audience more effectively and deliver an excellent speech.



Is it good to use a video presentation or other visual aids during the speech?


Definitely yes. nowadays many advanced technologies such as video projector are used during conferences or meetings. they are very helpful especially in educational topics or introducing new products. This equipment enable us to convey our meaning more quickly and create an enthusiastic audience.



Let’s talk about online shopping.

– Have you ever bought a pair of shoes online? 

Well, recently I've bought a handbook by mail order. About shoes, In fact, I prefer to go to shopping mall and look at different colors, designs and finally put on my favorite shoes then walk few steps to see if they are comfortable enough or not.


– Is it important to wear good shoes?

actually, according to specialists wearing an appropriate pair of shoes is very important to help blood circulation in your feet and a remarkable decrease in your fatigue. Many people have a great priority to put on well-set clothes to go with their shoes and be well-dressed, however, they are not aware of these major effects on their health.


– Which do you prefer, good-looking shoes or comfortable ones?

Frankly speaking, I would like to purchase custom-built and well-designed shoes. I admit that I don’t care if I am physically comfortable and satisfied with them.





formal speech      سخنرانی                                              

acquire  بدست آوردن  

Informative  مفید   

conversable خوش صحبت   

specialist  متخصص  

deserve لایق- شایسته  

lecture on سخنرانی کردن در مورد...

Complicated  پیچیده 

Significant    مهم   

productivity بهره وری    

labor-savingکاهش دهنده نیروی انسانی

chores کارهای خانه    

time-consuming زمانبر   

take over به عهده گرفتن    

tempted اغوا شدن- تحت تاثیر قرار گرفتن     

pleasant خوشایند     

remote control کنترل ازراه دور    

competent    حرفه ایی،شایسته

lecturer سخنران    

speechmaker سخنران

present ارایه دادن-اجرا کردن     

Methodology روش شناسی     

visualizeبه تصویر کشیدن    

motivate ترغیب کردن- انگیزه دار کردن     

admit پذیرفتن     

effective موثر- کارآمد    

discourse سخنرانی کردن      

talking attractively خوش صحبت

Conversation گفتگو (غیر رسمی)

audience مخاطب 

Speaking سخنرانی 

Confident با اعتماد به نفس 

Effectively بطور موثر

excellent speech سخنرانی عالی

deliver a speech ارایه سخنرانی

Conference کنفرانس -جلسه

Convey انتقال دادن

enthusiastic audience مخاطب مشتاق

Speechify سخنوری کردن

Conversationalist  خوش صحبت

Speaking in public در حضور جمع صحبت کردن

Speaker سخنران

Mail order سفارش(خرید) اینترنتی

Appropriate مناسب

blood circulation جریان خون

remarkable قابل توجه

Fatigue خستگی

Priority اولویت

put on پوشیدن

well-dressed خوش لباس

aware آگاه بودن

purchase خرید کردن

custom-built کالای سفارشی

satisfied راضی 


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